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Specialized in great lightsaber/laser saber manufacture OVER 10 years, aimed at develop newest style and affordable light sabers for our customers, our biggest dream is our customers enjoy playing and make fun with them.

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Fantastic item for a really low price!!! The customer service was very good. Derek from the customer service team provided regular updates and responded to my queries promptly. The parcel arrived today and was very well secured. I tested the item right away. Had to assemble the lightsaber first- the aluminium hilt had to be attached to the lightsaber blade/tube by means of 3 little black, plastic screws and allen key included in the box. Really quick and easy setup. It me 1 minute and the saber was ready to use. I turned it on and was literally blown away by inensity of the green beam of light which was very evenly distributed across the whole blade. Some lightsabers I've seen online produce a strong light only in the bottom half of the blade but this one is brightly illuminated across the whole length. The saber comes with a USB charging lead which you can plug in to your phone charger or any other USB charger. It says, the built in battery may take up to 4 hours to fully charge up. The saber has built in sound board and a motion sensor and it produces sound effects when it's turned on and swinged - the characteristic whoosh of a lightsaber from the Star Wars francgise. It also emulates blaster shots being deflected of the saber is one of the options available. You can easily control it by double pressing the power button, which switches between modes and a long press extinguishes the saber. I've created a short video to demonstrate how the saber works but wasn't able tp upload it. I could however upload a photo. I'm really pleased with the overall quality of my lightsaber and its features at this very low price of £59.00 + £3.00 for paypal comission. Other brands and sellers charge at £200 or more this type of product. What else can I say, it's an awesome product! At last you can feel like a true jedi :) If you're a hardcore Star Wars fan like myself, you should definitely get one of these! What are you waiting for?

Make G

A really good lightsaber! I got it about 2 weeks after buying it (I am from Sweden) so the transport was super fast! I bought the RGB mode one with black hilt and it got alot of colors (some have a bit of a weak color, but most looks really good). It got loud sound that you can toggle on and off and it has 3 sound modes + no sound mode (this is really good). You can press once on the button to play the blaster sound (when you deflect a blaster bullet) and twice to play lockup sound (when 2 lightsabers collide and presses against each other). The lighting is almost perfect and the material on the handle is super comfortable, it's made from aliminium alloy. You can use one handed and two handed fighting and still be comfortable, the weight is also what you'd expect from a lightsaber. When charging, it puts off a red light around the hole that indicates that it's charging. There is nothing I can really complain about, it is better than I thought it would be! Definitely a company I can trust, also tools are included and a manual.

Erik Granlund

i bought 2 of the black handeled rgb (16 colour) lightsabers for me and my son for christmas and i have to say i am absolutley impressed with them the colours are bright the handel has a nice weight as i bought 2 we got a free hilt connector and a spare blade (nearly £50 worth) turned up well within the 3 week waiting period only a minor niggle is the voice is a tad distorted on ours but im not bothered for the price im extreamly happy word of warning through you have to hit quite hard to make them react dont think just do will be looking to get another one to make the staff

eric Mcintyre