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Honour Lightsaber


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🔥 Buy 2 lightsabers to get 1 hilt connector& 1 additional blade for free.
🔥 Buy 3 lightsabers to get 1 hilt connector& 2 additional blades for free.
🔥 Buy 4 lightsabers to get 2 hilt connectors& 2 additional blades for free.

If there is a lightsaber that can witness our development, it should be this lightsaber.

Its hilt is 39cm long and 550g weight. The exquisite texture design of the hilt and the exquisite ergonomic design of the handle make this product very suitable for playing or performing COSPLAY.

The oval mouth design and streamer hollow hole design at the top of the hilt, Let people get a better visual experience when they playing at night or in the dark.


 Sounds Mode&Types: 5 sets of sound effects plus mute, every of them have several sound types, such as: switch machine sound effect, standby (background) sound effect, fighting sound effect, waving sound effect, knocking sound effect, switching sound effect, low battery sound effect, charging sound effect

✓ Ergonomic Design Hilt - Pure frosted metal, convex and non-slip, comfortable to play with.

✓ Combat Grade PC Blade - Made of high quality polycarbonate material, super strong shatter prof blade, suit for heavy dueling.

✓ 9 Watt Premium LED - Super Bright LED blade, with different mode, such as flame mode, full brightness mode, high-medium-low brightness adjustment, breathing mode, heartbeat mode, flashing mode, sword burst flashing mode.

✓ 104cm Total Length - 33cm handle with 71cm blade, long enough for you to play.  

✓ Metal Iris Switch - Peristaltic structure design, exquisite, safe, beautiful and tidy. 

✓ Recharge Port & Lighting Charger - Recharge the lightsaber quickly for your next duel.

✓ Abrasion-resistant and high-permeability transparent sword head, even and bright light.

✓ Screw Wrench - Quickly change blade and belt clips, only for your convenience to play.

✓ For RGB Lightsabers Only - 11 preset colors blade options, which are red, orange , yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, cool white, sky blue, ice blue, pink.. 


Hilt Material: Aluminium alloy

Hilt Length: 12.8 inch (33 cm)

Hilt Weight: 1.21 lbs (0.55 kg)

Blade Material: Poly Carbonate (PC)

Blade Diameter: 1 inch

Blade Length: 28 inch (71 cm)

Blade Thickness: 2 mm


Charger: Fast charging USB

Charging Time: 4 hours

Charging Voltage:  5V (MAX)

Battery:18650 3.7V Battery 2000mah


✓ Lightsaber Hilt * 1

✓ PC Blade * 1

✓ USB charger * 1

✓ Six angle wrench in 7 font * 1

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Honour Lightsaber

Honour Lightsaber